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ADA Compliant Parking Lot Markings

If your business is in the process of redesigning or restriping its parking lot, ADA compliance should be a top priority. Here at Keathley Line Striping, we can take care of all your marking and striping needs to ensure the best results for your visitors, business, and budget.

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What Is ADA Compliance?

The ADA Act, or Americans With Disabilities Act 1990, is designed to prevent discrimination against people living with disabilities. While primarily aimed at helping the individuals, it also supports businesses by providing guidance on how to ensure workplaces are suitable for all. This extends to parking lots, which is why ADA compliant parking lot markings are so vital.

Several benefits can be gained from mastering this aspect of striping and marking, including but not limited to;

  • Provide a safe and accessible parking lot for people with disabilities,
  • Prevent accidents or confusion for able-bodied visitors,
  • Create a more professional brand image,
  • Satisfy legal requirements to avoid fines or other repercussions,
  • Gain peace of mind for yourself, employees, and clients alike.

ADA compliance covers several key areas such as the sidewalk markings, pavement markings, signs, and size of access aisles. It also covers the location of disability-friendly parking spaces as well as the number of spaces needed in relation to the size of your parking lot.

In addition to the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design national regulations, however, you need to meet territorial laws. Texas falls under zone 6. When you need a parking lot that satisfies all authorities while also providing a safe and convenient environment for your visitors, Keathley Line Striping’s wealth of knowledge and expertise will ensure you get the very best results.

What Are The Rules In Texas?

Here in Texas, theTexas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) enforces the regulations made by the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) relating to the size and placement of parking lot spots. Some of the key features to remember are;

  • At least one in every eight parking spaces should be accessibility spaces.
  • They should be located at the shortest distance from an accessible entrance to the building.
  • Accessibility parking spaces must be at least 2440mm (96in) wide.
  • Accessibility spaces should have an access aisle of at least 1525mm (60in) wide or a van-accessible aisle of 2440mm (96in).
  • Spaces must be level and have a slope no greater than 2 degrees.

Keathley Line Striping will ensure that your new parking lot design meets those requirements to ensure your lot is ADA compliant and suitable for your visitors. Moreover, we use the highest-grade materials and are committed to excellence in every installation, striping, and design while also staying mindful of your time and budget.

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