Make sure that your driveway or parking lot is in its best condition with effective crack sealing. Keathley Line Striping specializes in hot pour crack fill, ensuring you get any cracks in your asphalt sealed and repaired, using on the most effective methods possible. Contact us today for a free estimate today.

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The Best Hot Pour Crack Fill

Do you see cracks in your asphalt? Is your driveway or parking lot starting to look like it’s in disrepair? Hot Crack Filling can restore your asphalt to prevent water from getting in and weakening the base.If you have a parking lot at your business, you want to ensure that it looks as good as possible. It might be the very first thing a customer notices about your business. A parking lot might make that first impression and you want it to be a good one. Making sure your customers aren’t forced to navigate cracks and holes is an important step in ensuring their satisfaction with working with you.

The same is true of your driveway. Unsightly cracks and holes can really make for a much lower curb appeal.

Parking Lot and Driveway Hot Pour Crack Fill

Hot pour crack fill is poured right into any cracks in your driveway or parking lot, repairing and filling all parts of the crack. Not only does that get rid of the unsightly look but it also helps prevent any future damage from taking place, especially given the high effectiveness of the sealants we use.

There are many benefits to using hot pour crack fill, one of which is that it does not shrink in the cold weather. It adjusts to all weather patterns and temperatures which makes it a great option for any area that doesn’t have the most predictable weather the whole year through. It simply expands and contracts as the ground thaws and freezes.

Hot Pour Crack Fill is very pliable which means it can be applied in any weather condition, whether it is hot or cold and there is limited shrinkage of the material.

Hot Pour Crack Fill Company

Keathley Line Striping specializes in hot pour crack fill because we love to bring a presentable, smooth surface to every business. We like knowing that we help ensure you have pleased and satisfied customers entering your business every day.

With our hot pour sealants, we can get even your deepest and largest cracks filled. The products we use are flexible after drying and will expand when it’s hot and contract when it’s cold. This ensures they never break the bond with the surrounding asphalt.