Make sure that your asphalt surface is free from potholes with a pothole repair surface. Keathley Line Striping specializes in pothole repair because we want you to have a smooth parking lot surface for your customers to enjoy. Text or call us today for your free estimate.

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The Best Pothole Repair

Fast changes in temperature can leave you with unsafe and unsightly potholes. It is usually moisture intrusion that starts the deterioration of your pavement. If you leave that deterioration alone and do not immediately repair cracks, potholes start to form and can cause a real safety problem. Those potholes are a tripping hazard for pedestrians and a danger and annoyance to those operating vehicles.

If you get a lot of traffic, that only exacerbates your pothole problem. While potholes aren’t attractive to look at, they also pose a real risk to customers. They can damage vehicles and depending on the traffic in your parking lot, they can also pose a great danger. You want to ensure you get pothole repair that lasts so that you don’t find you are quickly repairing the same holes again.

Property Owner and Municipality Pothole Repair

Not all potholes are the same. There are both short-term and longer-term pothole solutions available, depending on your particular needs. Potholes can cause you to have significant liability issues, both in roadways and parking lots, as they can cause a hazard to both pedestrians and vehicles.

Potholes can form during any season and you should have them repaired as soon as you see that they’ve started. In that way, you can help prevent any serious damage or injury from happening. If potholes are in your parking lot, you might be pushing customers to shop or do business elsewhere. No customer wants to navigate potholes to get to a business.

Pothole Repair Company

Keathley Line Striping offers a comprehensive list of pothole repair services so that we can get you the look you want by choosing the most appropriate service. We use the very best, most innovative technology to make sure your parking lot is not only beautiful, but safe for travel as well.

Given the variety of potholes we treat, we offer a comprehensive service so you can decide on the solution that suits your needs best. Using patching as a repair option is often a cost-effective way to eliminate any further damage from taking place while also limiting your liability.